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Titanium Foil quick Links:

» Titanium Diaphragma Foil Grade 1 - 4 (Titanplatten, Titanblech, Titanfolie, Titanband)

  • Widths: either up to 120 mm or even up to 13 inches (330 mm)
  • Annealed Gauges: 0.0018 in. (0.046 mm) to 0.085 in. l2.16 mm)
  • Tempered Gauges: 0.0018 in. (0.046 mm to 0.120 in. {3.05 mm)
  • Coil Weights: up to 500 pound PIW max

Titanium Foil Grade 2 0.025 mm

» Precision Slitting

  • Titanium Grade 1, Grade 2, 3.7025, 3.7035
  • Widths: 0.090 in. l2.29 mm) to 12.5 in. 4317 mm)
  • Gauges: Q.0018 in. (0.046 mm) to 0.040 in. (1.02 mm)
  • Precision Slitting: For gauges 0.0018 in. (0.046 mm) to 0.007 in. (0.18 mm),
  • Slit widths 0.023 in. (0.58 mm) to 12.5 in. (317 mm)
  • Coil Weights: 190 PIW max for 0.010 in. (0.25 mm) and above

Titanium Foil Rolling Machine

» Edge Finishing

  • Edges: #1 (Rounded Edge), #3 (As Slit), #5 (Deburred)
  • Widths: 40.023 in. (0.58 mm) to 1.000 in. {25.4 mm)
  • Coil Weights: 1 pound to 190 pounds max for 12’.’ ID I

» Technical Assistance

Just a phone call, fax or away, our sales representative is trained to assist you. Because your product may have special needs that require a custom solution, our engineering staff is readily available to consult with you regarding your particular application.

» Research & Development Facilities

In the past, obtaining small quantities of specialty alloys for research and development projects presented a problem. Our prototype facility has been designed to react quickly to design engineers’ requirements. This facility stocks a vast assortment of materials to choose from at a minimum cost. Your accomplice assists you on converting your materials or selecting the best alloy for your applications.

» Testing

Our in-house physical and chemical testing lab assures you of on time deliveries and the consistency you demand.

  • Specialized Testing
  • Metallurgical Engineering Staff
  • General Electric and Pratt & Whitney (LCS) approvals

» Special: Titanium Foil Ti 15V-3Al-3Cr-3Sn cold rolled (Titanfolie Ti15-3-3-3)

Instead of forcing Grade 5 to be cold rolled - switch to Ti 15-3-3-3 showing very similar mechanical properties. AMS 4914 is a possible specification to be used.

  Property Value
Tensile Strength 102 to 137 ksi 703 to 945 MPa
0.2% Proof Stress 100 to 126 ksi 689 to 869 MPa
Elongation over 2 Inches % 12% min 12% min

These products have been used typically in applications requiring high strength-to-weight ratio and stability up to 550 °F (288 °C), but usage is not limited to such applications. Parts are typically formed in the solution heat treated condition and subsequently precipitation heat treated to final condition.
Mostly in stock is 0.6 mm. Cold Rolling as endless coil is possible down to 0.05 mm!

» Special: Titanium Alloy Grade 5 Foil Ti6Al4V ELi cold rolled (Titanfolie Grade 5)

Have you ever been seeking Titanium Foil? Cold rolled below 0.38 mm? As a flat sheet or a 3 m long strip? Up to 300 mm width? Now you can order such foils! From Titanex. On Picture is shown a flat sheet in 0.25 mm. We do however offer down to 0.08 mm!
Hot Processing Ti Grade 5 / Ti6Al4V
Titanium Alloy is hot rolled from Plates to Sheets. Thinnest Titanium Sheet hot rolled available is about 0.4 mm of thickness. Sheets are cross rolled. Anything below 0.4 mm must be cold rolled.
Titanium Foil Grade 5 Ti6Al4V
Important to know:

  • 1. There are no coils available. Because of the prior hot rolling process being plates and sheets only
  • 2. Sheets are slit into Strips
  • 3. Such Strips are manually cold rolled
  • 4. After each Cold Rolling step
    • Strips must be annealed
    • Strips must get slit edges

By this process it is possible to achieve

  • Strips from 1.5 ... 11 m of length
  • Strips down to 0.05 mm of thickness
  • excellent surface, very tight tolerance on thickness
    • 0.254 mm Foil ends up between 0.245...0.275 mm


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